Interactive Laser Tag Arena

$13.00 per game, per person

The new Laser Tag Arena is one of three in the country and is modeled after our armed forces. With a tank, helicopter, ships, smoke and black lights, this arena offers thrills at each turn.

This isn’t your normal point-and-shoot gameplay. You have to be smart on your feet to control the objectives around the room and get power-ups to help you slay the competition!

Dodged fire from a military tank. Avoid getting laser-tagged by your oponent camouflaged behind a wall. In our new interactive laser tag arena, the enemy is around every corner!

Depictions of a torpedo boat and a helicopter on the walls fire at you as you run through fog. Players can tag the obstacles first to earn points while also trying to shoot their opponents.

Our Laser Tag can really be exciting, especially when you have 15 players participating at once. You can imagine looking around every corner for a player friend or foe!

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